Hangzhou Chimes

I wrote this song on my 2015 China tour during my visit to Hangzhou. This visit was only meant to be a short stop-off so I didn’t bring any real recording equipment to Hangzhou. Only my laptop, this whole recording was done in my room using my laptop microphone and a duvet over my head on logic pro 9! Some may say “it sounds like it” -I say good. I remember waking up early one morning and going on a quest for musical inspiration during my “downtime” there. I just left the apartment, chose a direction, and started walking. No idea where I was going exactly, I just…. “touristed” -which was nice. It was nice seeing the local nature, meeting some locals, taking photos but then I saw a huge park entrance after walking for like …forever! West lake Park, this park was like Hyde Park, Kew Gardens and all the good ones put together! I remember getting lost walking off the beaten track through bamboo forests and green hilly areas feeling totally spaced out neither here nor there but knowing I was present with a smile on my face thinking, “I don’t know where on earth I’m going, but I’m going all the way”

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