Hi My name’s Gak Jonze (Jack Jones) nice to meet you! I’m a rapper/singer songwriter born in the UK. I produce/write my own music with my writing partner Patrick Elsley and were currently working on my new album “Audible Ice Creams” on Bllr Lfë Records. I aim to spread only good vibes worldwide via my music. Bllr Lfë Be Love, Love Rules, Love’s For ëveryone!

I’ve been a rapper for over 10 years now touring independently over Europe, Dubai, Thailand and Australia and i’m absolutely loving it!

I only recently got into music production mid 2013, after getting tired of waiting on producers. I’m not particularly impatient, i just like to use my time well so I decided to teach myself. 5 years on and I’m fully producing now whilst learning new things. I was terrified originally to make my own music in the fear of laughter, people dissing me and straight up not sounding good especially as I couldn’t play an instrument and only rap. Somehow I did it my debut album Intelligent Mess is a clear night and day demonstration of how much I’ve learnt since by my own standards, Audible Ice Creams is milestone for me, a real self assuring “I can actually do this” moment,  So now I’m like why stop there, let’s build an empire hahahaha!.….

So as you can imagine, after 5 years of Youtube self help videos; I am totally hooked ha! I hope to be able to share my knowledge too but in the meantime -Big Shout out to Matthew Weiss – Marley Mac – Alex Rome  and Imamusicmogul  given me some great production tips, which has really helped my work flow thank you!

You know it’s funny…for someone who ain’t mad established I got some crazy stories lol…I sometimes think back like “how the hell did I get to do that??” For example, I remember chill in at a club launch in London with Nick Carter and AJ from Backstreet Boys, Ja Rule and Beenie Man (Di girl dem sugar) taking turns freestyling in a circle in the vip room, I remember partying at Amy Winehouse’s place back in Camden listening to Ludacris Chicken an Beer album with a bottle of Jack, I remember getting a lift back from Mike Skinner in his Rolls Royce because he wanted to crash the pool party I was invited too…. all true, and theres so much more but you will have to buy the book lol

“I’m pretty friendly to be honest, why shouldn’t I be?” People tend to get the wrong idea about me… until they actually meet me, I get a lot of people be like “I thought you were gonna be an a$$hole but your actually really nice aren’t you” I’m like “errr….thank??…You??” 

My music is tends to be the raw expression of what I’m thinking, literally from the chords to the cowbell or the side chained white noise on the drop. It’s all relevant. I love to freestyle rap now and then, I don’t battle anymore (I don’t really care for it anymore) but to freestyle back to back over different styles like an instrument now thats raw expression. In my live shows you’d catch me go at it with my band on a random full freestyle jam. I also try to catch open mic nights for this same opportunity….raw emotion.

Written from my experiences I believe my music can help inspire and encourage listeners of all ages to overcome fears, share love, believe in themselves and allow themselves to be happy with who they are/want to be. As a creative, abused or maybe shy person, the pressure we create for ourselves is unreal and sometimes unbearable… I try to create music to remind us how awesome we are when we don’t feel so awesome….hope you like it!

“Gak Jonze is a Champion” -Chris Gayle, West Indies Cricket Team
“GJ has always impressed me – truly hope this is now his time…” -Adam bradley, Ad Bradley music Ltd
“Lyrical content is diverse and skillfully written, not afraid to cross genres and think outside the box.” -Stephanie Wright, Hype Magazine Dubai

M.i.A. My brand new single, out Friday 21st September 2018 (pre-order available)

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Hey TIMMY CLOVER BEATS thanks for the follow! My New Single #MyDubai is out now>>> 🙂
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“Be my Lioness and…. we can run this pride, one day at a time girl… rolling side by side” -M.i.A.

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